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          04 Collect

          Vote Now for June's Site of the Month and Win a Year's Free Pro Plan in the Awwwards Directory!

          Article by Awwwards in News -

          Here's your monthly delivery of what's good on the web right now! The Jury's favorite sites of June feature emoji microinteractions, flag animation effects, some original 404 error pages, animated avatar team pages, drag to explore typography inspiration, 360 airplane navigation, an innovative smartphone tv controlled portfolio, and a mobile-optimized Q&A website about climate change.

          Vote and Win:

          Please vote for your favorite to win and share with the hashtag #AwwwardsSOTM, and one of you will win a year's free Pro Plan in the exclusive Awwwards directory. This prize includes the following pretty cool benefits:

          • 1 free submission
          • 20% off future submissions
          • Featured profile in your country
          • Listed in 3 categories
          • 20% off future job ads

          Check out the best sites of June here and have your say...http://www.guoj5.com/awards-of-the-month/nominees

          Here are the candidates for Site of the Month, June 2019: